A Unique Holiday Awaits You in Finike!

Finike, the delicate and elegant town of Antalya, has emerged with the unique union of Kumluca, Finike and Turunçova. This beautiful settlement is located in the west of Antalya, between Demre and Adrasan, and has a quiet atmosphere away from the crowds. Finike has the unique characteristics of the region with its clean sea, delicious orange groves and greenhouses where fresh vegetables are grown.

Thanks to its livelihoods based on production agriculture, the construction rate of Finike is quite low compared to other Antalya towns. Those who want to embrace the flawless beauty of nature prefer to spend their holidays in this peaceful geography. Fortunella offers everything that those who want to vacation in this beautiful resort are looking for! All you have to do to enjoy the summer holiday with your loved ones is to hit the road and meet the magnificent beauties of Finike.

A Unique Vacation to Rest Your Soul and Mind

We aim to provide an unforgettable holiday experience in the comfort of residences to our visitors who set out to discover the beauties of Finike. Our priority is your comfort in our facility where you can stay with your family with pleasure.

While enjoying the unique marina and sunrise views from your balconies, imagine a holiday where you will enjoy the delicious orange blossom scent and calmness of Finike! The holiday experiences of our valued guests are extremely important to us, so every comfort has been considered in our facility. We invite you to Fortunella for an unforgettable holiday.

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