Finike, the district of Antalya, is a tourism paradise that attracts attention by local and foreign tourists today, with its natural beauties and hosting many historical buildings as a result of being home to many civilizations throughout history.
In Finike, which has become the center of many civilizations due to its sheltered location and being a port city, there are many historical buildings and ancient cities that can still be visited today. In addition, there are many places to visit in the district, which is a point where green trees meet with the blue waters of the Mediterranean, together with its climate, nature and natural wonders.

Limyra Ancient City

If you want to start your trips from historical places during your Finike holiday, the Ancient City of Limyra will be useful in terms of exploring the history of the region. Transportation to the ancient city, which is approximately 6 kilometers away from the district center, can be made by private vehicle.

The ancient city, which you can reach by continuing on the Finike - Elmalı highway for 5-6 kilometers, turning right at Yuvalılar intersection here, and going straight for 1 kilometer, was founded about 2 thousand years ago. There are amphitheater, stone houses, church, mausoleum and many acropolis that you can visit in the city.

Located within the borders of the ancient city, the amphitheater is among the most famous structures of the period. The building, which draws attention with its capacity of 3700 people, is visited with interest today.
In the ancient city, which was used by the Lycians, the effects of Roman architecture can be seen partially. The city, where entrances can be made free of charge, is accepted as an extremely important historical heritage in terms of Finike history.

Andrea Doria Bay

Andrea Doria Bay, which is among the famous natural beauties of Antalya, is located in the south of the district center. You can reach the bay by following the Demre - Finike highway in the west direction, by private car or minibus.

The bay, which is among the details that make Finike unique with its view and sea, is located at a unique point where green trees meet with the blue waters of the Mediterranean. The region, where there is no construction around it, is completely untouched. You can perform alternatives such as picnics, nature walks and camping in the bay, which allows various activities to be done.

In the bay, where access to the sea is a bit difficult due to the rocks in the region, underwater diving is also possible. The bay, which is also visited by seals from time to time, is also home to caretta carettas. Entrance to the bay, which is named after the Genoese Admiral Andrea Doria, is free of charge.

You can plan your holiday by choosing among the Finike Hotels that appeal to every budget and every taste in Finike, which impresses its visitors with its history and nature.

Suluin Cave

The cave, which is among the important natural beauties to be visited in Finike, is located approximately 1 kilometer from the town center. The cave, which can be easily reached on foot, is also known as İncirli Cave among the people.

The cave, where the entrance part is quite large, ranks first among the caves with the widest mouth in Asia with this feature. Another detail that makes the cave interesting is that, as a result of the diving works carried out here during the period, it was possible to go down to 122 meters and the researchers could not return. After this event, diving in the cave was prohibited, and a great mystery was formed about the cave.

The entrance to the historical cave, which can be visited with its stalactites, travertines and pools of different sizes, is free of charge.

Arykanda Ancient City

Arykanda Ancient City, which is among the regions where you can explore the history of Finike in detail, is located approximately 29 kilometers from the district center. Transportation to the ancient city within the borders of Arif Village can be done by private vehicle and minibus.

B.C. The ancient city, which is thought to have been founded in the 5th century, is among the oldest settlements built in Finike. Archaeological excavations have been carried out many times on the ancient city, which means 'the place next to a high rock', and many historical structures have been unearthed. The coins that emerged as a result of these studies are thought to belong to Kuprili and Aquwami. B.C. The coins, which are known to belong to the 5th century, have enabled important studies on the history of the region.

While there are many important structures that you can visit in the ancient city; The most striking one is the amphitheater, which has survived to the present day. The entrance to the city, which is located on a sloping point, is free of charge.

Gokbuk Canyon

Gökbük Canyon, which is one of the natural structures on which you can perform many activities in Finike, is approximately 15 kilometers from the district center. You can reach the canyon by following the Elmalı - Finike highway, and you can also go to the canyon from the town center with the companies that organize tours.

In Finike, which has very fertile lands and natural beauties, you can spend time in nature, away from the crowd of the district, in the canyon where you can do activities such as nature walks and picnics. In the canyon, which has a length of approximately 4 kilometers, you can take long walks in a clean oxygen atmosphere, and you can easily perform activities such as fishing and camping.

In recent years, there are many facilities serving in the canyon, which has been especially popular with tourists. In this context, entrance to the canyon, where visitors can meet their needs, including buffets, cafeterias and shops selling souvenirs, is free of charge.

Finike Daily Attractions

Due to its location, Finike is also close to many popular districts of Antalya. For this reason, there are many different destinations that can be visited as a day trip during the Finike holiday. You can visit the ancient cities, bays and natural beauties in the region on a daily basis and increase your options for activities.

Myra Ancient City

Access to the ancient city, which is located within the borders of Demre district, about 29 kilometers from the center of Finike, can be reached by following the 'Ancient City of Myra' sign, which will appear after you pass the Beymelek Lagoon, by following the coastal road towards the west.

Founded BC. The ancient city, which belongs to the 5th century, is the region where St. Nicholas, who is considered important for Christians, was the archbishop. The most magnificent structure you can visit in the city is the ancient theater, which was established in the Roman period.

Olympos (Olympos)

Olympos, which was used as a settlement during the Lycian period, is in Kumluca, 45 kilometers from the town center of Finike. Access to Olympos can be made by following the signs for Beykonak, Beşikçi, Belen and Kumluca, respectively, on the Kumluca – Kemer road.

Founded BC. There are many historical buildings that you can visit in the region, which is known to date back to the 4th century. In addition, Olympos, which has a unique beach and clear sea, can swim during the day, go for nature walks or organize activities such as camping.

Kekova Island

Kekova Island, which is 53 kilometers away from Finike district center, is within the borders of Demre district. Transportation to the region can be done by continuing the coastal road in the west direction in the district center.

The island, on which there is a sunken ancient city, has recently been accepted as a natural site and entrances to the ancient city have been prohibited. The island, which has a bay of different beauty on each side, contains the most important historical and natural beauties of the region.

Entry to the island is made by boats.

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