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Our dear guests, in the heart of the beautiful Turkish Riviera, in the land of Citrus, 32 luxury apartments of Tongelo Luxury Rooftop await you...

Wouldn't you like to enjoy your holiday in the shining Fortunella suite among the lush nature and blue waters of Finike? We welcome you with our soft slippers to make you feel even more comfortable in our home comfort suites, which have the most beautiful natural beauties of the world. Leave your shoes, extras and all your stress outside the door and feel our friendly and warm atmosphere that will make you say "my place". Get ready for the unforgettable holiday experience waiting for you at Fortunella Suites&Villas...

Specially designed for honeymooners, the luxury concept Tongelo suite has a convenient location in Antalya's Finike district and has a magnificent marina view. You can easily reach the city center and the sea on foot. The air-conditioned suite has a large bed, comfortable seating, a fully equipped kitchen and a spacious bathroom. There is also a jacuzzi with unique marina views and an LCD TV. Our private car park and pool with terrace view await you.

Your breakfast comes to your home with its traditional presentation and you can take advantage of our bike rental service. For transfer service, please contact the reception.

You can make special arrangements for your special days, brides and wedding preparations by contacting our reception for photo shoots. You can be sure that you will enjoy every moment of Tongelo Luxury Rooftop.

Suite Pool Season: It serves between 1 June – 01 October.