Marina View
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1-2 people

Dear guests, Fortunella Luxury Rooftop 31 apartment located in Finike, in the land of citrus, invites you to a wonderful holiday experience. You will feel that you have the most beautiful nature and sea in the world in the Fortunella suite, which shines among thousands of shades of green and blue in Finike. In our suite designed in the comfort of home, we welcome you with our soft slippers and ensure that you leave your shoes, extras, all weights and molds outside the door. You are invited to have an unforgettable experience at Fortunella Suites & Villas, where we believe in the sincerity and warmth that you can call my place.

Our luxury concept apartment, specially designed for honeymooners, is conveniently located in Antalya's Finike district and offers a marina view. Our air-conditioned suite, which is within walking distance of the city center and the sea, has 1 bed, a seating set, a fully equipped kitchen and 1 bathroom. In addition, we provide you with a comfortable holiday with our jacuzzi with marina view and LCD television. We complete your holiday pleasure with our private parking lot and our pool with terrace view.

Your breakfast is served to your home during breakfast hours with our traditional presentation. You can also contact our reception for our bike rental service and transfer services.

On your special days, you can contact our reception for the bride, wedding preparations and photo shoots. Fortunella Suites & Villas invites you to have an unforgettable holiday experience.

Suite Pool Season: It serves between 1 June – 01 October.